Marriage is a great and beautiful adventure- a mutual promise that is alive with anticipation for love-filled years together. As you enter marriage with bright prospects and high hopes, we at Christ on the Mountain congratulate you! Please accept our sincere desire to help you celebrate a marriage which gives the promise of being a God-filled journey. We are here to assist you in making the best decision regarding your marriage and to help you properly prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony. It is for these reasons that this present Pastoral Policy for Marriage Preparation (based on Archdiocesan Guidelines) has been adopted for our parish here at Christ on the Mountain.

We at Christ on the Mountain are pleased for the opportunity to work together with you in the wedding ministry. We want your wedding day to be a sacred and blessed event. We are willing to listen with an open mind to requests that you might have regarding your wedding. We ask that the priority be placed on the rituals of the Church and the customs of our parish.

Contact:  You must be a registered member of Christ on the Mountain and meet with Fr. David at least 12 months prior to the anticipated wedding date.  If there has been a prior marriage by either party, the wedding date cannot be set until the annulment process is complete.